Birth preparation

In the course, you will discuss the phases of a vaginal birth with our midwives, the types of contractions and breathing techniques, as well as methods of induction and intervention measures at the hospital. Other components include, for example, dealing with pain and its relief, as well as dealing with worries, fears, breastfeeding and changes in the relationship with your partner.

The course is interactive and includes enough time to answer your questions, as well as breathing and relaxation exercises, massages and group work.

Weekend courses for couples
Saturday from 10 am to 6pm
For women with statutory health insurance, the midwife will invoice the health insurance company directly for the course fees. As the lessons in a closed course build on each other, it is not possible to replace one participant with another during the course.
The partner fee for a course is not usually covered by health insurance. The fee is €140 and the partner will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. Health insurance companies will either reimburse the full amount or up to €85 for the partner fee (for more information, please contact your health insurance company)
Termin: 22.06.2024 - 22.06.2024Uhrzeit: 10:00 - 18:00Freie Plätze: 4Ort: Hebammenpraxis LichtblickKurlsleiterin: MichelaAnmeldung

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